A not so ordinary Sunday paddle

Sunday 29 August a group of 4 club members set off for the bay on a low tide. One of them spotted what looked like a submerged sail in the creek, not far from the Thorneside boat ramp on the Queens Esplanade. After multiple failed attempts to get hold of it and lift it, Dianne got into the water to get it that way. Go Dianne!

In a joint effort the sail/tarp was pulled up and out of the creek and disposed of in a rubbish bin near the boat ramp.

Wet Diannepulling the sail onto the boat ramp with Kay and Mark in boats

Kay Dianne and Mark holding up a huge piece of IKEA ad printed sail material
Kay, Dianne and Mark with the huge piece of sail like material they’d pulled out of the creek

On the way back another joint effort saw an abandoned and barnacle covered crab pot pulled out of the mud. The crabs inside were released and the crab pot taken back to the club to be disposed of.

Dianne sitting on top of her boat with a flattened old crab pot
Dianne with the old crab pot on her boat