Raft up with our Club’s new Commodore

Wynnum Redlands Canoe Club recently held its Annual General Meeting. The following weekend, a group of our Saturday morning paddlers welcomed our new Commodore, Beth, by rafting up in the bay near the mouth of Tingalpa Creek.  It was a beautiful morning for paddling.

Beth has been a member of the club for a number of years and has enjoyed the opportunities being a member of WRCC has given, so, has chosen to give back to the club by taking on the role of Commodore.

You may have seen Beth on the water taking photos of the birdlife, mangroves and sunrises. You may have also seen her partner, Peter, at the club chatting to Kelkie while Beth paddles.

Make yourself known to Beth and Peter.  They also enjoy travelling and from time to time will be on the road during the year.

I appreciate Beth accepting the role and trust that all members will support her in this role.

Happy paddling

Past Commodore and new Treasurer

(Members in the photo from left to right: Beth, Keith, Ray, Paul, Denise, Judy, Frank, Barry, Joan and Margaret)