Bird watching by kayak

Tingalpa Creek – Bird Watching by KAYAK

 Bird lovers and nature seekers will enjoy the sights while paddling their kayak down Tingalpa Creek. We often miss the beauty thats all around us….


  • A stable and maneuverable kayak 
  • A compact set of binoculars (waterproof) For kayakers, binoculars are navigation aids used to spot a buoy, study a potential campsite, or to find that passageway in a seamless-looking shore. Many kayakers carry little 7×21 roofs or reverse-porros that fit handily in a PFD pocket. For them, bird watching may be secondary, but in bright light these little binoculars are often adequate. Be sure to attach a bright colored float onto your neck strap, in case the binocular pitches overboard.
  • A bird guide. You may like to carry a bird guide in a waterproof dry bag.
  • A camera to capture the moment.

Bird Watching Strategies

Your paddling viewing platform can be very stable in calm conditions, often better than standing with hand-held binoculars while ashore. For the most stable viewing, maneuver your kayak to put the bird in front of you. You want to face forward while seated in the cockpit. Bring your elbows in and rest them against your PFD (If you twist at the trunk to view a bird, it's difficult to stay steady). For decked kayaks, an even better technique is to lean forward and rest your elbows on the front deck or coaming. When things get rough, in moderate chop or swell, you'll need to change strategy, so try this technique: Face forward, sit up straight, relax, and let your torso act as a spring to dampen the movement of the kayak.

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