Day Trip to Leis Park, North Pine River, Petrie

On Sunday 21st June members from our club went for an away paddle to Leis Park, North Pine River, Petrie. The trip, which had been cancelled earlier in the year due to inclement weather, was a great success: the weather was perfect, there was a good tide, and the venue had everything that was needed and plenty of space.

It turned out the tide doesn’t rise far enough to get all the way to Young’s Crossing but it was a great paddle regardless as can be seen from the photos. There was really only 1 easy place to get out of the boats and that was near a foot-bridge and the turn-around point.  A couple of walkers came past. Both stopped to check us out and have a chat.  Surprise, surprise, one of the walkers was a friend and neighbour of Sylvia’s. Her name was Kerry and she asked to be remembered to Roy.

Thank you to Allan for leading this trip, and to Eddie and Joan for towing the trailer!

The group decided they would like to paddle Bribie Passage next trip. The date will be in the 2nd half of August. Details to follow in due course.

A young fluffy White-bellied Sea Eagle