Successful canoe instruction session

On Sunday 28 October 6 (+1) members of the club took part in a very successful canoe instruction session on Tingalpa creek. The session had been organised so our fellow club member and instructor Allan Mortensen could get his qualifications in Canoe Instructing.

Whilst all participants were experienced paddlers, most were used to kayaks rather than canoes and they soon found out that canoeing is very different to kayaking – the boat responded rather differently and canoeing is teamwork instead of an individual paddle. Some of the strokes Allan taught were also new to those who had previous canoe experience and they wished they had known those years ago!

The deep water canoe rescue was required just for Allan himself. Details of various types of rescues were discussed so all participants got a better understanding of how to go about a capsized canoe. By the time the canoe instruction had finished, all were tired and it was decided to leave the planned kayak rescue session till another time.

Thanks Allan, and thanks everyone involved in making this session happen!