Jack Bicknell’s Story

Paddlers with Potential

WRCC is a club that has produced more than it’s fair share of paddling (sprint & marathon) champions and with the guidance of Matt Ingerman’s expert coaching and experience we may see more in the future.

Matt has been coaching some of our club’s young members. One of these lads, Jack Bicknell, aged 9 yrs, felt confident enough to enter the 2010 Canoe Sprint Championships on the 9th & 10th January, 2010. In his first ever race he had to compete in the Under 12’s TK1 class and against older, bolder and more experienced opponents. Jack finished a boat length off 2nd and 1&1/2 lengths off first place, thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is keen to continue in the sport. At the time of entering the Championships Jack had only been paddling for approximately 3 months.

Jack obviously took to paddling like a duck to water and with Matt coaching him in the correct techniques, he has got off to a flying start.

We wish him all the best for future events and look forward to reporting on his progress.

The Club now has a few junior members and Jack’s achievement might encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to join the WRCC Training Squads. Training sessions are mostly on Saturday mornings.  Jack and Matt’s son, Josh, are looking for some more training partners and team mates that may help make training more interesting and create some support as they look to take on more competition opportunities in 2010, including upcoming events on the Sunshine Coast.

For more information contact the Club on wynnumcc@yahoo.com.

Footnote: WRCC has a great depth of talent amongst it’s members. Read about Digby winning Gold at the Masters, the talented Dyason Family, see photos from the BV 100 marathon & more. Go to Photos & Recollections.