Winners & Contenders

 Our Digby competed in a K1 at the recent Masters Games in Sydney in the 75+ age group in 4 events, the 200m, the 500m, the 1000 m and the Marathon, paddling away with 4 Gold Medals . In the words of his wife, Kate, he also kept the 65-70s honest too. After the singles events, Digby then combined in the TK2 class, with another legend, Dave Roberts of Manly Warringah Kayak Club, aged 83 and competed in the 75+ age group in 2 events 200m & 500m. Dave and Digby took gold in their 2 events by a considerable margin. In the same (TK2) start there were also competitors in the 65+, 70+ and 80+age groups. The lads consider they finished about 2nd or 3rd in the overall field. In addition, their times would have given them a very credible finish if they had actually competed in the 65+’s. In Digby’s words "The Marathon and the 1000 were both ‘survival’ events due to windy conditions with one official recording a 46 knot gust on the marathon course. I finished with water almost up to my seat and was told that almost half the field required assistance. In the 1000m I suffered the indignity of being beaten by a TK! but made up for it next day when the wind dropped. Much of my K1 success was due to out living my opposition rather than out paddling them."