Wynnum Redlands celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary

The Wynnum Redlands Canoe club celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary at it’s club site on Tingalpa Creek.

About 50 people of all ages enjoyed the morning with most participating in the water events. These included a time trial 1km event around the island and rail bridge, which was won by Clive Sheppard. A game of ‘Water Dodgeball’ was organised by Commodore Peter that appeared to have the rules made up as the game progressed. Finally, a relay in Canadians that very quickly deteriorated into a race to try and sink the other boat. All entrants in this last event ended up in the creek and everyone was declared a winner.

Breakfast was served by Rod and the pancakes were made to perfection.

A number of the original club members attended the morning, It was great to see Fay & Bill, Kate & Digby, Bill & Eula, Tony Mead and John Corlette enjoy the fun and fellowship together with our newer members.

The club has come a long way over the past 30 years, but the basic enjoyment of particiating in this great sport and the social interaction with all kinds of people, can only strengthen the club for it’s next 30 exciting years.